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I do enjoy giving away hypnosis related freebies! As some of you know, we offered many of our hypnosis CDs for free in the past. Unfortunately, we had to put an end to this after 9 years. We are sad to say that it was no longer cost effective to keep our website up and rolling. However, we still like to give away free stuff as a way to say “Thank You” to all who realize that hypnosis is a great tool to help overcome obstacles in life.

Today’s Hypnosis Freebie is:

The Hypnotic Talker Ebook

The Hypnotic Talker Ebook







This ebook, has inside it, knowledge which will open your eyes to a completely different and refreshing perspective about communication and thought process.

The Hypnotic Talker is a collective of highly effective materials used everyday by the most persuasive people in the world. The people that are selling million dollar homes, the people that are running the biggest corporations, and the people that instantly make friends with everyone they meet are using the techniques within this ebook. Even the healers and motivators of the world use this knowledge to create lasting change within the mind. Some know what they’re doing when they use these techniques and some have no idea how they do what they do.

Click Here To Download The Hypnotic Talker Ebook

You might need to right click over the link and choose “Save As”

Also, If you are interested in ordering some hypnosis MP3s or CDs, we are offering you a coupon code for 50% Off Your Next Order.

Coupon Code: MARCH

Coupon code is good through April 1st, 2012. Just visit us at our website and enter the coupon code into the coupon area of your shopping cart at checkout. Enjoy and please feel free to share this with your friends and family.

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