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"My favorite is the Anger Management Hypnosis CD. I think everyone should use it. I find it humorous, but it really works. Generally I like almost everyone, but it seems like there is always someone who gets my goat. Now I am not angry with anyone. It feels great! The hypnosis CDs are easy to use and very effective. They make me laugh because they seem kind of corny, but they really work. I feel so much happier."
Vickie Isaac | Dallas TX USA
"I've found all the Rapid Transformations products I've tried -- and I've bought over twenty of them -- to be quite effective. The one that has helped me the most, however, is the "Erase Anxiety" Hypnosis CD/MP3 set. After using this set, I know I never need let anxiety take the best of me again. After quite a number of years of suffering, I now know I can control my anxiety. Thanks, Steve, for creating such valuable products!"
Angelo B. | New York City, NY USA

Hypnosis Expert - Hypnotist, HypnotherapistHi. My name is Steven B Schneider. I have two certifications in hypnotherapy and I am a certified master hypnotist. I started in 2002 hoping to spread the word about hypnosis and also offer an affordable way for people to try hypnosis. I stated out by providing hypnosis tapes and quickly moved into hypnosis CDs. I'm proud to say that I have stuck around long enough to create hypnosis MP3 Downloads of these very popluar hypnosis recordings. I also do my best to keep these hypnosis products at an affordable price with the same high quality of other hypnosis and self hypnosis products online today. If you ever have any questions about hypnosis or our hypnosis MP3s and CDs, please feel free to contact me personally. Thank you for visiting!  :)